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This traditional Chinese treatment is beneficial for the whole body and mind. Acupressure and other methods can be used if preferred.

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Chose from a wide range of therapies for pain relief, injuries and general ailments. A wide selection of luxury treatments also available for pure indulgent wellbeing.

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Treating the whole body and mind with a wide range of therapies for pain relief, injuries and relaxation. Book an appointment and make a fresh start.

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Complimentary Medicine

Sarah Renwick has travelled the world to bring back to the UK healing treatments that have been proven over centuries to bring pain relief and balance to our lives. She has learnt these arts first-hand from indigenous oriental specialists.

Sarah is an internationally qualified Acupuncturist, Masseuse and Macrobiotic Shiatsu Practitioner with over 26 years experience in the field of oriental diagnosis and medicine.

Oriental Medicine is a complete health system encompassing herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage and advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle

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