Skincare | Natural Beauty

Sarah's beauty treatments are much more than skin deep: they are individually designed, correcting underlying imbalances while promoting radiant health.

Gentle stimulating skin treatments using herbs and natural home-made products to deep cleanse and rejuvenate. A unique choice of enriching treatments indulge the senses, created from Sarah's own in depth knowledge of blending eastern, oriental and tribal traditions.

In ancient times the face was regarded as the mirror of our problems. Treatments are tailored to correspond with the individual's needs. Beauty treatments range from waxing to luxury detoxifying wraps and the newest trends in facials.


Luxury Massage | Indulgence

Massage is the oldest form of physical medicine and can be traced back to the early Chinese medical manuscripts. In the last century, medicine has slowly started to reā€“learn this therapy and today is one of the fastest growing forces in the field of health care.

Fragrant traditional therapies soothe tired muscles and improve blood circulation. Treatments invigorate body and mind, polishes the skin while warm oils nourish.

Indian head massage

Long used to relieve accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, scalp and face, this intensive treatment frees the body and mind of stress and stimulates the circulation. Intricate combinations of massage, acupressure and essential oils can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Pregnancy Care

This programme of safe, effective therapies is suitable from the three-month stage, right up until the due date. Designed to maintain elasticity and balance the skin, this pregnancy treatment is the perfect way to keep the body and mind in tip-top condition during this special time, while improving elasticity and skin tone.

Detox and Energise

An exotic blend of essential oils and salts are vigorously massaged over the entire body, to invigorate, polish and slough away dead skin cells that will leave your entire body silky soft, working to restore and re-balance body, mind and spirit, infusing the body with energy and leaving skin glowing with health.

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